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As the Community continues to host more and more discussions and content,  and we continue to optimize the organization, the ability to find just what you want is invaluable. In this post, we give some very important tips to improve your search experience while on the DataRobot Community.

Simple search

On most Community pages there is a search bar centered at the top of the page. There is a dropdown on the left side of the text box, which allows you to search:

  • All Community—this is the default
  • This <item> —this is searching only the item you are currently exploring; this may be a category, also board, blog, etc.
  • Knowledge Base (KB) articles—all KB articles
  • Users—all users in the community
  • Private Messages—your private messages

Advanced search

You can get to the advanced search by clicking here. Another nice tip for getting to the advanced search is to click in the empty search box and press Enter.

Here are some additional search options:

  • Location—Choose the area of the Community you want to search
  • Search key word (Labels)—Limit your search to posts that have been tagged with specific labels; labels defined for an article (or blog, etc.) are shown below that article (or blog, etc.)
  • Author—Search posts by an author
  • Date—Search by content posted in the past day, week, month, or year
  • Metadata—You can even filter by posts that have been Solved and/or Starred
  • Type of Post—You can limit your content searches specifically to any combination of: forums, blogs, ideas, and/or knowledge bases
  • Contains—You can even search based on what the content post contains such as: images, videos, or attachments

Additionally, you can also sort search results by Best Match (default), Date, Views, Kudos, or Replies.

Tip: If you are using Google search, a nice shortcut to search properties is to prefix the search with @DataRobot.

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