User and member ranks

What are User / Member Ranks?

User / Member ranks are like levels: you obtain them by performing various community activities. Ranks signify your achieved level of participation in the community and you get rewarded for your efforts! They are a recognition of the reputation you have achieved in the community.

Everyone in the community is assigned a rank based on their contributions, starting with Computer Board and moving up from there. The colors identify different sections within the ranks.

The list of User / Member ranks:

Computer Board (In the beginning...)
Jumper Wires
Snap Circuit
Ball Bearing
Mounting Hub
Blue LED
Image Sensor
NiCd Battery
Linear Actuator
Micro Servo
DC Motor
Load Cell
3D Camera
LiDAR Module
Offroad Chassis
Grappling Hook
Infrared Camera
Underwater Manipulator
Tank Tread

Hexacopter Frame (highest rank achievable)


How do I achieve a new User / Member rank?

You can achieve a higher rank by combining various kinds of member participation activities in the community. So the more different kinds of participation activities you do in the community, the higher the rank you will achieve.


How and where is my user rank displayed?

Your rank is displayed on:

  • Your profile page
  • All of your posts
  • Your profile hover card


Will I get additional perks for every rank I achieve?

So the short answer is yes, you will. In fact, we'll tease you with a couple of those perks:

  • When you achieve xyz rank, the private messenger perk / feature will be enabled for you.
  • When you achieve abc rank, you will be able to "at mention" other community members (e.g., @Jim) in your posts.


Why is the theme based on robot parts?

While your work is serious, we wanted your community experience to be a bit more fun so we themed the ranks based on parts of a robot. We are, after all,  "DataRobot."


So why do some members have ranks not listed here?

These ranks are separate and are designated for DataRobot employees. This is so that you will know who they are when you are engaged with them.

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