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How to call model_id list?

How to call model_id list?



Could you give some sample python code to look for the project's model id list? 

I found a R sample code.


I want to get a python code to call a model list with model id.

I always appreciate this community board.


Your answers are very helpful to me.

Thank you.

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I believe what you might want is `get_models()` method on the `Project` class.


Here are the docs (for the latest client version, 3.0.2):


There is an "examples" section in the docs for that method but a very simple version is as follows:



project_id = <YOU_PROJECT_ID>
models = Project.get(project_id).get_models()



And if you want just the model IDs you can use list comprehension in addition to the code above (using `models` variable):


model_ids = [ for model in models]



Hopefully that helps and is what you're looking for.

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