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🗓 ASK THE EXPERT: AI and ML for Developers—March 23

DataRobot Alumni

🗓 ASK THE EXPERT: AI and ML for Developers—March 23

This Ask the Expert event is now closed, thank you for joining!

Developers and data scientists often work together in teams, but our objectives and approaches to data and ML couldn’t be more different: from how we reason about data, why we collect it, and the tools we use, to where AI actually fits in our workflow.

In this Ask the Expert event, you will be able to chat with Zan and ask your questions about AI and ML development, DataRobot APIs, etc. On this interesting and important topic, Zan is available to answer your questions.

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Zan Markan is a Developer Advocate  at DataRobot. He has spent over a decade working in technology, in a variety of roles and enterprises—as a developer, manager, and in developer relations.
He is passionate about educating developers and enabling them to be successful with whichever technology they are using.






Hi Everyone,

This Ask the Expert event is now closed. 

Thank you Zan for being a terrific event host!

Let us know your feedback on this event, suggestions for future events, and look for our next Ask the Expert event coming soon.

Thanks everyone!



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DataRobot Alumni

Hi everyone, Zan here. I'm really looking forward to answering your questions! 👋🚀

DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Hi @zmarkan , thanks for being around and hope you are taking good care of yourself during the covid-19 challenging times.

My question to you is, what was the most advanced API functionality (ie. required most amount of coding) that you executed with the DataRobot Python/R API?

Hi @a_shoop, and thank you for your question.

As I don't have extensive Python / R experience, I went straight off piste and used the REST APIs directly with Node.JS. 

I've used the APIs to make predictions in real-time and monitor my deployed ML model. Even without the use of dedicated SDKs neither required more than a few lines of code and API calls.

I plan to share one example project in the next few days 🙂 

Hi Zan,

Thank you for this great place to discuss developer topics! Is there a dedicated section in the community for developers to talk shop?



DataRobot Alumni

This question came through before we opened it up - from Mladen: 

Would DataRobot be a good solution for more general ML, or would it perform well with practically every problem ML can solve?

From what I've seen DataRobot can definitely be used (and is being used) to solve pretty much any ML use-case out there. From finance to manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and everything in between. I found a pretty good overview here: 

For developers in particular, some problems that I had worked on in the past, that DataRobot could solve really well were:

- Lead scoring signups to a SaaS product
- Recommendation systems in an e-commerce app
- Predicting demand and load in any tech environment to optimize your AWS reserved instances purchase

As opposed to these, you could also use DataRobot on more personal ML problems, like optimizing one's Spotify playlist in order to increase number of commits on GitHub, and many more.

Hope this paints a nice picture for you Mladen!
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Hi @nico1e. And thank you for your question.

It's really great that you asked about a dedicated developer section in the community, as we're just preparing to launch it.

Our plan is to create the best resource fo developers wishing to learn ML and AI skills and technologies, and adopt them into their toolsets, as well as to give the developer community the chance to influence our developer experience going forward.

We're still a few days away from launching it, but we've prepared a short questionnaire where you can register your interest, tell us what you would like to see, and we can notify you when it's available.
You can find the form at the following link.

Hope this helps!

Thank you Zan this is wonderful!

A follow-up question, What is the hardest or most challenging thing when working with ML and AI as a developer?




Thank you Zan.

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@zmarkan ,

Can you describe what is possible to do with the datarobot APIs? 

Alternatively, is there anything that you cannot do with the datarobot APIs?


regards, Jim

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