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🗓 ASK THE EXPERT: AI and ML for Developers—March 23

DataRobot Alumni

🗓 ASK THE EXPERT: AI and ML for Developers—March 23

This Ask the Expert event is now closed, thank you for joining!

Developers and data scientists often work together in teams, but our objectives and approaches to data and ML couldn’t be more different: from how we reason about data, why we collect it, and the tools we use, to where AI actually fits in our workflow.

In this Ask the Expert event, you will be able to chat with Zan and ask your questions about AI and ML development, DataRobot APIs, etc. On this interesting and important topic, Zan is available to answer your questions.

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Zan Markan is a Developer Advocate  at DataRobot. He has spent over a decade working in technology, in a variety of roles and enterprises—as a developer, manager, and in developer relations.
He is passionate about educating developers and enabling them to be successful with whichever technology they are using.






Hi Everyone,

This Ask the Expert event is now closed. 

Thank you Zan for being a terrific event host!

Let us know your feedback on this event, suggestions for future events, and look for our next Ask the Expert event coming soon.

Thanks everyone!



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Hi Zan,

I don't know if this has been asked, but will datarobot automatically delete my data if I cancel my account?

I don't want to lose it since I put a lot of time to  develop it.

Thank you,


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Hey Zan,

A friend of mine that works in data science said automl is is sometimes challenging or difficult to use.

Is this true?


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Hi @c_stauder

Excellent question about data protection!

As many of our customers are large enterprises in highly regulated industries such as banking and healthcare, we adhere to all the relevant industry standards for data protection.

We offer various ways to access DataRobot with varying degrees of control, including on-premise clusters, where you have complete control over your data.

For concrete details regarding your use case I welcome you to contact our customer service team at

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Hi @DaveTheMaster ,

AutoML is indeed a complex piece of software, yet that shouldn't prevent you from trying it out!

Our products are geared towards many types of users, from professional data scientists, to motivated people with limited data science background - citizen data scientists, to software developers.

If my personal experience - I'm a software developer without any background ind data science, yet was able to train, tweak, and deploy models, and make predictions using the API in a matter of hours using DataRobot's AutoML product. 

I would welcome you visit our Learning Center right here in the DataRobot Community where you will find a lot of information on how to get started:

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Hi @krista-kelly ,

For account related questions I would point you towards our customer service and support portal, where folks in there will be able to help you out:


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