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Free Open Source Classes to learning Data Science

Free Open Source Classes to learning Data Science

Hi All,

A friend, who is interested in machine learning but comes from a more traditional DBA / data engineering background, recently asked me how he could get started in the field. While we have a number of great resources here at DataRobot to help start your machine learning journey (DataRobot University, the DataRobot blog, our YouTube video series, etc.), it may also be helpful to pair them with freely available courses. 

So the below list is what I've found useful to either gain or enhance my machine learning knowledge over the years. All of the resources below, with the exception of the two books below, are freely available.:

  • High Level Understanding of Machine Learning in a fun, interactive environment 
  • Deeper understanding of machine learning:
    • Andrew Ng's CS229 Stanford Course
    • Note: Andrew Ng is one of the luminaries of the field
    • Stanford ML Course
  • Fast paced, hands on, extremely practical free course on ML / Deep Learning:
    • Jeremy Howard, founder of Fast AI, is a really pragmatic hacker from McKinsey. He's also published several influential papers, so the class is a really nice balance between in depth theoretical knowledge & practical application. 
    • Fast AI Home Page
    • I'd recommending starting with ML for coders, but all the courses are great
  • Great books with exercises (albeit in R instead of Python):
    • Introduction to Statistical Learning (easier)
    • Elements of Statistical Learning (harder)


What are other great (free) resources people have used? 


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DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Kaggle has a series of tutorials that people starting out or who have specific knowledge gaps might find useful.

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DataRobot Alumni

IMO good starting points for people with background in mathematics to understand the theory underlying ML:

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DataRobot Alumni

Hands-On Machine-Learning with Scikit-learn and Tensorflow is a great book for getting started! I always look back at it for reference when I need to review a topic. 

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