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How does DataRobot define MLOps?

How does DataRobot define MLOps?

MLOps seems like a new term and I have read different definitions from different companies. What are the key functions of MLOps according to DataRobot?

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Machine learning operations, or MLOps, is the technology and practices that provide a scalable and governed means to rapidly deploy and manage machine learning applications in production environments. MLOps includes production model deployment, production model monitoring, model lifecycle management, and production model governance. 

What knowledge, if any, does MLOps assume one already has with respect to data science and machine learning?

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You don't actually need knowledge of data science or machine learning to deploy or manage models in DataRobot MLOps. However, there is some learning that would be required to understand how the monitoring for machine learning works, but you don't need to be a data scientist to make sense of it.

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DataRobot Employee

Also please check our MLOps entry in the Wiki: