Introduce Yourself!

DataRobot Alumni

Introduce Yourself!

Two years ago this month, we launched the DataRobot Community. Now, we’re taking a moment to thank members who have been around since the beginning, say “Hello!” to newer members, and formally welcome everyone.

To help everyone get to know each other, please share a few words about yourself. Okay, I’ll start.

I'm Linda Haviland, DataRobot Community Lead. In early 2019, I joined the DataRobot product documentation group (technical writing was my forever career). Within months I moved to the Customer Experience team to help build out the brand new DataRobot Community. I’ve always enjoyed discovering how content can help users; now, I get to create the best experiences for our community of brilliant and motivated users. It’s pretty cool.

Outside of work, you can usually find me biking, boating, or hiking around Connecticut and Rhode Island, and spending as much time as possible with friends and family. When biking or walking my 13-year old Labrador retriever, I’m usually plugged into a tech podcast or audio book. (Know some good ones?)

You can reach me directly here in the Community by sending a private message, or email me at

Now, how about you? Please feel free share whatever you’d like; these are just some ideas:

  • What part of the world are you from?
  • What are your favorite hobbies?
  • How do you use DataRobot?
  • What tips and topics would you like to learn more about in the Community?

We’re looking forward to your introductions!

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DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Hi folks! My name is Alex Shoop, but you can call me Shoop! I joined DataRobot in April 2019 and I work as a Software Engineer in R&D Engineering where I work in a team building enhancements to the platform centered on Trust & Explainability. I work out of my hometown in New Haven, CT but I bounce around the world between Boston, Tokyo, and Paris.


I like to jog, practice Kyudo martial arts on weekends, and have a hobby in photography and video production.


Pleasure to meet you!

Hey @a_shoop - thanks for sharing your story!

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DataRobot Alumni

Hey everyone, 


Friends call me Theo so please use that! I am a Data Scientist at DataRobot and my favorite part of the job is taking unstructured problems and structuring them in a way that they can be solved with ML.


I use DataRobot in combination with Python very frequently, hence why you will see many of my articles in our community Github. My personal record is 3000 models built for a single-use case. Luckily the final model was good so it was worth all the electricity I used 🙂


Reach out and say hi!

Data Scientist
Data Scientist

Hi everyone!

My name is Jason and I've been a Data Scientist with DataRobot since April 2021. I'm from the Eastern United States. I use R, Python and a little bit of Java. I enjoy dogs, Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Pleasure to meet you!

Hi DataRobot Community! My name is Maria. I'm based in Boston, and I joined the DataRobot team in April 2021. Call me crazy, but I truly enjoy re-framing business problems into data science problems. I'm passionate about living and promoting a data-driven culture! At work, I research and interview our users, and I use DataRobot to get insights on the datasets I work with. Outside of work, I love traveling, playing music, and pushing my own boundaries. My latest hobby is learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu!🙂🙂


Feel free to reach out to me via private message if you'd like to chat!


Hello hello hello!


I'm Megan and I work on the Customer User Intelligence team doing all kinds of fun research projects that help us deliver a better experience. The best part is that I get to dog food DR to solve DR business challenges. I'm really interested in understanding how people got where they currently are, and helping them get to where they want to go. When I'm not doing cool AI stuff here, you can find me hiking in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains or traveling with my family in our silver twinkie (airstream) affectionately named 'La Bambi.' 


Hey @jas0n ! Wondering if you listed your "likes" in any particular order? 😉 Because I would definitely have dogs at the top of my list 🙂

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Hey all, my name is Ira. I'm based in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, where I work as a consultant in Data Science/Analytics and BI. Most of my DataRobot work has been in demand forecasting although thanks to the community and university I have had great fun experimenting with the rest of DataRobot's feature set.

My hobbies include badge hunting on the community and FPV drone racing. I also enjoy keeping active, from going to the gym to the occasional jog...unless it's raining :D. 

Hey @IraWatt! I've seen you all over the Community, so it's great to see your background and interests.

Also, interesting that you're a fair-weather jogger. Do you get many fair-weather days in England? Or maybe that's how you keep your jogging in check? 😉