Introduce Yourself!

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Introduce Yourself!

Two years ago this month, we launched the DataRobot Community. Now, we’re taking a moment to thank members who have been around since the beginning, say “Hello!” to newer members, and formally welcome everyone.

To help everyone get to know each other, please share a few words about yourself. Okay, I’ll start.

I'm Linda Haviland, DataRobot Community Lead. In early 2019, I joined the DataRobot product documentation group (technical writing was my forever career). Within months I moved to the Customer Experience team to help build out the brand new DataRobot Community. I’ve always enjoyed discovering how content can help users; now, I get to create the best experiences for our community of brilliant and motivated users. It’s pretty cool.

Outside of work, you can usually find me biking, boating, or hiking around Connecticut and Rhode Island, and spending as much time as possible with friends and family. When biking or walking my 13-year old Labrador retriever, I’m usually plugged into a tech podcast or audio book. (Know some good ones?)

You can reach me directly here in the Community by sending a private message, or email me at

Now, how about you? Please feel free share whatever you’d like; these are just some ideas:

  • What part of the world are you from?
  • What are your favorite hobbies?
  • How do you use DataRobot?
  • What tips and topics would you like to learn more about in the Community?

We’re looking forward to your introductions!

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@juliam Hey there!

Just a thought: if you had 2 cats, they could play laser pointer fetch by themselves, while you build that computer game. 😉

Hey y'all!


My name is Kamal Raydan. You might have seen the barrage of questions I had on many topics previously under the name of DREnthusiast! 😛

I worked as an ML Engineer & Data Scientist for the better part of a year exploring and indulging my curiosties in emerging technologies. One of those technologies was DataRobot; and my oh my was there a lot of good stuff to learn. 

My favorite part of all of it was the sheer jaw-dropping excitement I had when I discovered all the great visualizations DR had to offer and how they all contributed a piece to the puzzle. Seeing that I am a very visual person, DR took away the "How" and left me, with all my creative juices, to figure out the "What" and "Why".


*P.S Not that I do not like creating visualizations, though DR's visualizations satiates that need 😄

Feel free to drop me a message if you want to discuss anything DR, DS related!

Hi Everyone,

I am Leah Salinas from Dallas, TX and this is my first week at DataRobot as a BDR. I'm thrilled to be part of such an amazing organization, the culture was a huge draw for me as well as AI and it's capabilities to change the world in a positive way.

A little about me: total book nerd, I usually read several at once, I am an artist/ costume designer and cosplayer. Married my college sweetheart and we have one son who is 11 and smelly. 

Looking forward to meeting others and growing with this fantastic organization!



Welcome to DataRobot Leah! Looks like we have something in common. My 9 year old is smelly too.

Lol. That running chicken gif has me all... 




Jose Albornoz here. I am technically Spanish, however I have never lived in Spain. Instead I have lived in several countries across South America as well as in the US. I am based in Burnham, a small village some 40 miles west of London, England.


I am a telecommunication engineer by training, but at a point in my life I found myself in a position in which I could do whatever I pleased, which turned out to be theoretical physics (not a financially sensible choice when I was considering career paths!). I had a job in academia until I became a data scientist when I discovered that I could make money with my skillset. As a data scientist I worked as an independent consultant as well as an employee for a number of organisations, until I was hired in DataRobot in 2019 to join DataRobot University. Looking back, I wish I had DataRobot in my previous jobs - my life would have been soooo much easier!


Hobbie-wise, I am a keen mountain cyclist. For many years I have strived to become a jazz guitarist (I regret to report I am very far away from this goal). I am an avid reader, and I am also into auteur cinema.


My interest in DR Community is linked to one of my goals within DRU: make sure that no questions remained unanswered! 





Hi everyone! 


My name is Aysan Fernandes, I am a data science trainer at DataRobot. I always had an affinity for teaching and really enjoy having the opportunity to combine this passion (I know it's a cliche) with my love of statistics and Data Science. I'd like to extend this passion to the community by helping to answer any questions I can!


In my personal life I like to play and watch sports, specifically football (soccer) and basketball. I also have started to really enjoy reading fiction so if anyone has any good recommendations I am all ears.


Great to meet all of you!

Hello All!  I am Alison Cossette.  I currently live very close to where I grew up in Burlington Vermont (Northeast United States - very close to the Canadian border), though I spent over 20 years in downtown New York City.


I have been a practicing Data Scientist and Educator for 7 years in the areas of healthcare and market research.  I was privileged to be able to use AutoML in my previous organization and am keenly aware of its benefits.  I jumped at the chance to join the team at DataRobot University in 2021.  


My hobbies these days mostly revolve around the family.  We have 2 very athletic boys so most of my spare time is spent in hockey rinks, lacrosse fields or the car traveling to said places.  Personally I am quite interested in topics around Ethical AI implementations and my bedside reading usually covers these topics.


I am interested in the DataRobot Community as an avenue to empower users of the platform to get the most value from their projects.  Please feel free to reach out directly with any questions you may have!

Hi everyone. My name is Andrew Nicholls and I'm a Data Science Trainer here at DataRobot.


I grew up in Michigan but moved to Seattle in 2018 so I could make a career change into data science. I do miss Michigan though so I go back and visit frequently. 


Outside of work, I am currently in grad school for an MS in Computer Science degree online through Georgia Tech. Not surprisingly, I chose machine learning as my degree specialization. I also enjoy board games and time with my dog Apollo. 


Before covid my friends and I won money from doing well at data science hackathons. I'm eager to see what I can do at hackathons nowadays now that I have access to the DataRobot platform. 


I love answering all types of data science questions so I'm looking forward to jumping in and joining the conversations here. 

Hello everyone,


My name is Andreea Turcu, I am very glad to be part of the DataRobot Community!

I think this is the perfect place for everyone to exchange information on DataRobot related topics, so, please do not hesitate to ask your questions here, because you will definitely find your answer.


I am a Data Science Teacher at DataRobot, in the department of DataRobot University and I like teaching data subjects very much. Among my students I am well known for the following saying: “Data is the numeric gold of our digital era” ;), and I think that anyone who has the data and the capacity to make sense out of it, has the power to transform the world. So, if you want to be the change that you want to see in the world, here’s an update for you: know your data 😉 ;).


More about me, I have graduated in Statistics and Econometrics, I was born in Bucarest, Romania and I am currently living in Lyon, France.


I enjoy bouldering and powerlifting, drone photography and traveling, as well as playing with my S Tier furry pet, Onyx the Siberian cat.


I am looking forward to contributing to the DataRobot Community and please do not hesitate to interact as much as possible with us, because it's for sure a great place to hang out.