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What are your favorite AI/ML podcasts?

What are your favorite AI/ML podcasts?

I've long been a fan of Lex Fridman and his Artificial Intelligence Podcast. What are your favorite shows?

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Gentler Podcasts (still quite useful, but are approachable to those who don't read ML whitepapers frequently):

  • Machine Learning Guide
  • Data Skeptic
  • Linear Digressions

Deeper Podcasts:

  • Talking Machines (produced at Harvard by a comp sci professor)
  • NLP Highlights 


Data Scientist
Data Scientist

Talking Machines is definitely my favorite ML related podcast, the audio quality could be a bit better, but the hosts, topics, and interviews are really good, and I've used actually ended up actually using quite a few things I first heard about on the podcast.

Totally agree. I really like the format of Talking Machines, which is :

- deep dive into nuanced topic like Latent Dirichlet allocation

- answering a reader question

- in depth interview with a luminary in the field (good mixture between "celebs" like Andrew Ng and lesser known, but still brilliant, practioners)


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Data skeptic, twiml , partially derivative, O'Rielly 

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