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Can DataRobot be used to solve unsupervised problems?

Can DataRobot be used to solve unsupervised problems?

Can DataRobot be used to solve unsupervised problems?

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Thanks Found it!

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Yes, in 7.2 we had anomaly detection in AutoML and in AutoTS.  However, clustering was in preview.  If you want to perform anomaly detection just make sure you don't fill the target field and click on no target.  Also, please find the link to the release notes here



7.2 is the on-prem version we have

DataRobot Alumni

What version on Prem do you have?  If you have cloud-based DataRobot than you should see it.

Its great that I can see documentation on the topic I requested , but dont see the option in my installation. Is it a version issue or a cloud/on-prem issue. Ours is an on-prem installation.



Hi @ssukavan - Have you had a change to look at the information @dalilaB shared? Does this have what you're looking for? If so, please help others find the best answer by selecting her response as the solution. If not -- what more do you need? I'm sure other members would love to help you out.

Let us know!


Please find information in this link

I am unable to find a FREE course on DataRobot University on this topic. Can you please direct me to where I can find a tutorial on Unsupervised learning , clustering methods and artifacts related to this, basic intro before I can learn about Anomaly detection.

@rick-wheller No problem! We have isolation forest, one class SVM, and local outlier factor, and some other statistical techniques available.


One quick note: Isolation Forest and double median will perform the fastest on larger datasets. 




anomaly detection, so you’ve answered my question - thank you!