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Can I create a custom feature list with secondary features?

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Can I create a custom feature list with secondary features?

Hi, Community!

I'm trying out Data Robot's feature discovery using REST API. 

I want to create a custom feature list to exclude some of the features from my raw data sets and create some new features to change existing features data types defined by Data Robot, for example, columns that are used to create relationships between data sets. But the `GET /api/v2/projects/{projectId}/features/` endpoint returns only features from the primary data set before I start model training. Is there a way to get all features in the project including those are coming from the secondary data sets before modeling is started?


Thanks in advance,


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DataRobot Alumni

Hi @evgeni - 

Yes, that endpoint will return all the features from primary and secondary datasets, but only after EDA2 has finished, which runs automatically when you start Autopilot.

If you’d like to get all the features before modeling, you can start the project in manual mode; this will run EDA2 and creates the features but without triggering modeling.

Please let me know if you need more info. Happy modeling!


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Hi, @Linda!

The way you proposed sounds valid. Thanks a lot, I would try it