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DataRobot for project cost and time forecasting

DataRobot for project cost and time forecasting


Typically estimating project cost and time to delivery has been achieved through human best guesses or simple statistical models such as reference class forecasting. 

Does anyone know of any good case studies in which DataRobot or ML has been used to forecast project cost and time? If no, any idea why ML may not be appropriate? 



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Exactly what I was looking for! thanks @Linda 

Hey @IraWatt 

I just got a tip of another useful DataRobot Pathfinder use case: Predict JIRA Completion ETA. It predicts how long it will take a JIRA ticket to close and seems like it might give you some guidance for your use case. Hope this helps!


Thanks Scott, that's a great case study which may be an alright approach to the task. What I'm wanting to find is ML used to estimate time (or money) required for a task/project which I haven't seen done.   

I was just looking at datarobot pathfinder myself and see theres a Forecast Daily Demand by Store use case. Maybe that can help give you some ideas? it's not exactly what you are looking for

Best Regards, Scott