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Feature Selection and Hyperparameter Tuning in TimeSeries

Blue LED

I'm confused as to how feature selection and hyperparameter tuning work in a supervised setting with the DataRobot Platform. As a data scientist, I've recently encountered issues trying to split a dataset into (train-validation-test) and using these splits to run feature selection and hyperparameter tuning. If I use my validation set to test my feature selection methods to pick my best features, then can I use the same validation set to tweak my hyperparameters. To explain further, after I pick my best features, I use those features in a model to fit on the training set and then run hyperparameter tuning on the validation set. The problem with this is I have tweaked my features on the validation set, and I'm using those features to then tweak my hyperparameters with the validation set,  I've technically already seen the validation set and optimized to it. I would then use the test set to see how my model would perform on out-of-sample data. How does DataRobot work around this problem/ what are strategies to run both feature selection and hyperparameter tuning in an ML pipeline?

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