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Python Version Compatibility for DataRobot package install

Python Version Compatibility for DataRobot package install

Not sure if this has effect other people but I tried pip installing DataRobot today with python version 3.10.2 and ran into some issues.


I downgraded to Python 3.9.7 and this removed the issue. I'm not a huge expert on python dependencies please correct me if there is more to this then the python version being incompatible. The docs suggest anything above 3.4 should be good. 




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Great stuff thanks @a_shoop

DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Hi @IraWatt ,


The team will be updating the datarobot Python API package client description prerequisites information soon.


Currently, we do not guarantee official support for installing datarobot with Python 3.9 nor Python 3.10. Please keep this in mind even though you mentioned that you were able to install datarobot using Python 3.9.7.


We will make sure to update the documentation accordingly once official support for later versions of Python are released for datarobot.


Hope this helps!



Alex Shoop