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What is the strength of an explanation?

What is the strength of an explanation?

@Eu Jin @IraWatt 


As I understand it ...



A Data Robot prediction for a binary classifier is a certainty of classification score between 0 and 1. The certainty that the row denotes a positive case. A corresponding explanation is a triple (f,v,s) giving a feature, its value, and the strength of the impact.


I have heard it said that the strength is something like the rate of change of the certainty with the value. But, given two features f1 and f2, which have a big step impact and a small affine impact, f1 might have the smaller strength in that sense, but be the more important feature in determining the conclusion. 


So, in this case - in explicit Data Robot terms - which has the highest strength? and why?


What does the strength given tell you about what is the best thing to try changing to increase the probability.



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Closing this thread because it's duplicated over here, where everyone is chiming in on this very interesting topic. Thanks for bringing this to the Community table, @Bruce !