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Can't run Prediction Explanation with Recommend model

Can't run Prediction Explanation with Recommend model


Thank you for a great product!


I have one question about Datarobot platform.

Did Datarobot change how Prediction Explanations work?

Background: Today 2023/01/05, after created a regression model with Date/time partitioning using Autopilot mode, I try to run Prediction Explanation with the recommended model, by using this code:

# Compute predictions
predict_job = model.request_predictions(
# Initialize prediction explanations
pei_job = dr.PredictionExplanationsInitialization.create(,
# Compute prediction explanations with default parameters
pe_job = dr.PredictionExplanations.create(,,
pe = pe_job.get_result_when_complete()
# Iterate through predictions with prediction explanations
for row in pe.get_rows():
# download to a CSV file

but this error occurred:

ClientError: 422 client error: {'message': 'Prediction explanations are not supported for models that use validation data for training.'}

The command cause error is:

pei_job = dr.PredictionExplanationsInitialization.create(,

From the error message, I think the problem is validation data is included on recommend model, but this error has never happened before, and the last time is used without any problem is 2022/12/26. So I think there must be some change inside Datarobot.

I even worst, when I try to deploy that recommend model and run prediction with this Batch prediction code:

job = dr.BatchPredictionJob.score(
'type': 'localFile',
'file': input_file,
'type': 'localFile',
'path': output_file,

The new error occurred and say that I can't do that because the prediction explanations is not initialized.

Is this intentional or a bug? And how can I fix it?


Some more information about my environment:

- Python client version: 2.24.0

- Here is my new model when I check deploy tab in GUI



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DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Hello and good news! The fix you are waiting for has been merged, and in a stroke of good luck, the deployment is happening a day early, so will be available on Tuesday. Thanks for bringing it to our attention and for your patience.

Thanks your information.
I want to know accurate time when bug will be fixed.
And more, that time is in USA time?

※I'm a menber of Khoa.hv team

After the fixed deployment, we are able to run everything smoothly. Thank you all for your support!