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Can we customize the What if tableau extension?

Can we customize the What if tableau extension?

 Can we customize the tableau extension?If so, what are the components we can do.

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Hi mokasireddy,


Since the DataRobot extension for Tableau is an official one, I believe you'd have to put in a request to the Tableau team. However, we're happy to try and help on our end! What are you attempting to change & accomplish?




DataRobot Alumni

Hi mokasireddy! 


@duncanrenfrow  is correct.  The extensions are official and you would have to ask Tableau for changes to the overall layout of the extensions. 


That being said, there are some customizations that you can do with the What-If extension.  For example, you can customize which variables are used in the simulation.  See below for what that looks like. 




Also, in my opinion one of the most powerful things you can do with DataRobot and Tableau is to simply use them together.  I have a few examples on some ways visualize DataRobot predictions on my Tableau Public account using our demo data:!/, 

Please feel free to message me with any more questions 🙂 


Best wishes, 



Thank you so much emily and duncanrenfrow for the reply.Basically, I am trying to get the predicted data through What-if extension and create different visualizations using that.

After simulation we get output as belowCapture.PNGIs there a way to get predicted data as a table or any other form ?

@emily Did you use What-if extension and plotted different charts in your workbooks?.


Thanks in advance



Hi @mokasireddy

When I made my dashboards, I simply used the predictions that I had made with DataRobot along with the data I used in the modeling.   Basically, I just added the scoring data using the GUI, scored it and downloaded the results as a CSV file. You can do this on the predictions tab for your model.  

I then added those scores back to the training data and made a regular Tableau dashboard with them.   However you are getting your predictions, you should ultimately be able to make a data connection to them in Tableau for visualization (in the same way you do for other dashboards.) 

How are you scoring your data currently?   When you say you want to download data from the What-if extensions, do you specifically want simulation data? 


Thanks, I look forward to helping you with this 🙂 





Hi Emily,

When ever user simulates the model with new data, Instead of downloading as CSV file I am trying if I can make a live connection between data robot(predicted values) and tableau so that my charts(actual vs predicted) will update accordingly.

Here I am adding the scoring data using tableau extension.Trying if can store both user input data(simulation) and predicted data in a table to use it as a data connection.

Will it be possible with what-if extension?


thanks for the help!


Hi @mokasireddy , 


 I would not try to use the What-If extension as a way to get predictions into Tableau for this purpose.  Once you score your scoring data, are you pushing those to your data warehouse?   You could then connect tableau to that warehouse with a live connection and get up-to-date predictions (along with the other data) that way.  

Do you need help setting something like this up?   Please feel free to email me at and I could potentially connect you to the right people to help you create this solution. 





@mokasireddy - Is your underlying data coming from a database platform?  How many records is it that you would like to simulate against?  Note the what-if is for doing only a handful at a time.  How many what-if levers do you have to pull? 

For example, 2 levers where one can be yes/no and another can be 1/0?  It may be possible to pre-score your scenarios, and then just have Tableau and a database slice and dice them for display.  If I had 10,000 records, and the 2 levers with 2 values as noted before, then I could score 10k * 2 * 2 = 40k records to simulate the data across all 4 scenarios. 

Tableau could then display any single 10k records for a scenario at a time (or compare scenario A to scenario B.)  Note this technique does not become feasible as your records and scenarios grow however; 10 million records with 10 what-if levers of 10 values each would best be accomplished via a more dynamic scoring scenario, rather than a pre-scoring of all scenario permutations.