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Custom Model in a Time Series Project

Custom Model in a Time Series Project

Can I develop a custom model for a time series project in DataRobot? I have experience creating models for projects that do not incorporate time series analysis, and I've been unable to locate any examples or documentation for time-aware projects.

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DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee


Thank you for your question. 

If you want to develop time series models, there are two options you can consider. 

First, you can use DataRobot’s Automated Time Series to develop time series forecasting models. DataRobot also offers an AI Accelerator, which is a reference implementation of an end-to-end time series forecasting workflow via API.

Second, you can use the hosted Notebook on DataRobot to develop custom time series models using the programming language and ML libraries of your choice. Although we don’t have an AI Accelerator, you can find many notebooks on and other data science communities. For example, here is a collection of 30 Kaggle notebooks for times series analysis.


I hope this helps!

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