EDA Screen

EDA Screen

Good morning,

During EDA, the DR screen is showing all the features and their unique and missing values, but I cannot see the % of these items in reference to the size of the data.

One suggestion would be to add it nearby the absolute values like (i.e for a data size of 1000 rows):

Feature                       Unique                          Missing

     X                           240 (24 %)                     100 (10%)


What do you think?



Carlos Acosta

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Hi Carlos,

This is a great idea!  We have a special initiative called "voice of the user" where we share ideas from our customers internally. We have a special team for ideas like this called "Customer Delight".   I have shared your idea with them. 

Thanks for posting, we are always open to feedback and suggestions. 🙂 




I've an inquiry about this:
What does this mean: 80 %Frozen parameter setting were applied to subsequent sample sizes to increase processing speed for larger datasets
Awaiting your reply

Best regards

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