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Error while querying Predictions: Invalid Authorization head

Error while querying Predictions: Invalid Authorization head



I have used DataRobot trial verision (cloud), created model and an application. I want to consume the prediction from an end application (Denodo). I have used cdata JDBC driver for establishing the connection from Denodo to DataRobot. I have imported the cdata driver into Denodo tool and successfully established the connection but while querying the views for getting the prediction model data, am facing the below error:


Received exception with message 'Error while querying Predictions: Invalid Authorization header.'


I am using the DataRobot URI like jdbc:datarobot:APIKey="*******";User="****";Password="****";ProjectID="****";DataRobotKey="";PredictionInstance="";ApiURL="";DataFile="<local_path>\historical_orders.csv";


Let me know how to resolve this!!


Have a great day!!




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DataRobot Alumni

Hi @Baktha I'm sorry no one has replied back to you directly here. I know the team is looking into what you're seeing and someone will reply back with more helpful info.

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Thanks @Linda 


Waiting for the reply. Please respond ASAP.

DataRobot Alumni

Hi again @Baktha -

It seems as if you are attempting to access to prediction servers via the API that is integrated in the CDATA driver. Is that correct?


If yes, then this only works with DataRobot’s Enterprise SaaS offering, since direct access to DataRobot’s prediction servers is not supported within the AI Cloud Platform Trial.


Instead, the recommendation would be to ingest the data in DataRobot either via one of the supported connectors (see also or leverage DataRobot’s REST API or Python client to push the data.

(If I’ve read this incorrectly, please explain what I’ve got wrong here.)

Again, I apologize for the delay in responding. Please let me know if anything I’ve said here doesn’t make sense to your situation.

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Thanks for the response!!

okay @Baktha - does this answer give you everything you need? And If you're happy with it, can you please select Accept as Solution so others can benefit from the answer?  thanks!

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