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No dataSource when trying to Create Project

No dataSource when trying to Create Project

Today is my first day on Data Robot platform. So pardon me for silly question. I learnt from tutorial how to connect data robot to snowflake and import table. However In my company enterprise version of Data Robot when I try to connect snowflake. There is no source option in "Create Project from Data Connection". Does it means I don't have the permission to do that, or I am missing something.


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Hi @dandev - quick question: can you not see any data source options at all or specifically you can't seea snowflake option? Maybe you can send a screenshot of what you're seeing?


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hi @Linda .. No data source at all.. like postgess, athena etc.. Nothing

okay @dandev here's what I'm seeing and what I think you should be able to see when you are trying to create a project and select a data source (for the AI Platform Trial).

Are you following this same workflow and not seeing any of data sources? 


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@Linda yes I am following the same kind of steps. Only in the last one where I am trying to select data source only option I am getting is Hive and no other source such as Oracle, Hana, Snowflake etc.

Is it I need to install the driver. If so could you please suggest how to do that.

Thanks for all your help

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Hi @dandev ,

Since this is an enterprise version of DataRobot, your system administrator may have to upload and configure JDBC drivers in DataRobot. Enterprise version has an ability for user to do so. If the admin are not aware of how to do such configuration, then s/he can contact DataRobot Support for further help, assuming there are active subscription.

Please let me know if this is not the case / if the above does not help. I’m happy to assist you further identify the problem.