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Offset Preventing Shapley Impact

Offset Preventing Shapley Impact

I have encountered a persistent issue when using an offset in a project. In fact, I cannot run any Shapley impact on my models when I use an offset because Datarobot gives me an error with no relevant explanation. Here's what I get in the log : 


I also get this message in the terminal when using the Python API :

datarobot.errors.AsyncProcessUnsuccessfulError: The job did not complete successfully. Job Data: {'id': '6', 'projectId': '...', 'status': 'error', 'jobType': 'shapImpact', 'isBlocked': False, 'url': '..., 'modelId': '...', 'message': ''}


Did someone ever encounter a similar problem?

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DataRobot Alumni

Shapley values should work with offsets. This could be a situation where the SHAP values did not pass our internal checks for additivity of explanations. I'll follow up with you via email to learn more about your particular project.

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