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Filter the Leaderboard to see only models you care about!

Filter the Leaderboard to see only models you care about!

The model Leaderboard has a lot of information, so it can be helpful to filter it down if you know what kind of model you want to work with. Filtering the Leaderboard by Blueprint ID is a great way to do so. 


On the Leaderboard, each model is tagged with a Blueprint ID. 


Every model tagged with the same Blueprint ID has the same blueprint, which means the same algorithm was used on the data. 

By clicking on the ID, you can filter the entire Leaderboard to only show models with this ID. This is useful for when you know you want to use a particular blueprint. For example, if you know you want to use a Python RandomForest Classifier, you can filter by the Blueprint ID and see how the model performed across either various feature lists and sample sizes (Feature List & Sample Size column). 


When you want to see all Leaderboard models again, just click x to clear the filter.


Try out the other ways to filter too, using other tags or IDs or by starring models. You can find more information the in-app Platform documentation topic "Leaderboard reference." 

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Keep the tips coming. can you do something for paxata and for notebooks? I dont have any to add

DataRobot Alumni

@anthonymaverick I know @akshay is working on a tip. I'll see if he's ready to share to the community!

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