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We're announcing a new user series called Community Live Forums. This is your chance to get time with a DataRobot Data Scientist. There will be two types of live, virtual events, DataRobot Live! and Ask the Expert:

  • DataRobot Live! -- Are you just getting started with DataRobot and want to learn more? These sessions will be a short high level demo with the majority of the session dedicated to answering user questions in a hands-on environment. Learn how DataRobot can automate the entire end to end process of preparing, building, and deploying highly accurate models to power your modern AI systems. This is for users who are currently in a trial and customers.
  • Ask the Expert --  Are you a regular user and want to ask questions about specific functionalities? These sessions will have topics for a targeted audience, deep diving around your pre-posted questions from the community. To get the most from this session, it is best to have access to the product.

These sessions will be hosted most Tuesdays at 11:00 AM ET. Users can attend as many sessions as they want. You can register here.

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