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How to use data pre-processing "Credibility Estimate"

How to use data pre-processing "Credibility Estimate"

I want to ask about Target encoding - mean. I know there are similar preprocessing with target encoding - mean at DataRobot that is Credibility Estimate. How to use that as data pre-processing Credibility Estimate at regression model at DataRobot ?
thank you

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Hi @imamsr4, welcome to the DataRobot Community!

I see you haven't received any responses yet. Can you try rephrasing your question, and maybe adding more details/information? That may help others help you.

- Linda

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Hi @Linda , thanks for your advice. I have try to adding more details/information at my question. I hope someone can help my issue.
thank you

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Hi @imamsr4,  - Thank you for asking your question here.

There are 2 alternatives for doing that in DataRobot:

  1. You can go to the repository and search for a blueprint that support credibility estimates for data preprocessing. Then, you can train a new model using that blueprint.
  2. If you already had a blueprint, you can add credibility estimates as part of your data preprocessing by using our Composable ML feature.

I’m going to follow up with you directly to get more information. Thank you