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Lab : Evaluate a Regression Model - Where is CompFreq ?

Lab : Evaluate a Regression Model - Where is CompFreq ?

Hi community,


I'm currently completing the lab "Evaluate a Regression Model" from the DR University.


I have to build a What-If app and add a row of data. Im' asked to set a value for the feature "CompFreq" but i can't find it.

I think it was used to deploy the model as it was present in the Feature Impact graph.


What can explain that I can't find it in my application ?


Thank you for your help !

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Hi, Jean!

Can you add a printscreen of your problem? I think it's not a problem but it is the way the app works - you should provide values for the "IF" part, so the app will show you the "WHAT"

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DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Hi @Jean-Robot , 

Do you see a "Show more >>" orange link in your app?


Sometimes the What-if app UI doesn't display all the input feature by default.



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Hi @JamesLee , @Bogdan Tsal-Tsalko ,


Here is a screenshot of the app when adding a new row after having pressed "Show more".


Capture d’écran 2022-12-02 à 10.10.51.png

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Thanks for your screenshot! I can see that row data doesn't ask you "CompFreq".
May I ask you to make a screenshot of the error you encounter and the list of features needed in Deployment>Overview>Content>Features you are using for your app?

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@Bogdan Tsal-Tsalko , I don't have any error. The fact that the app doesn't show "CompFreq" is the problem as I'm asked to fill it.


Should the features be in this part ?


Capture d’écran 2022-12-02 à 14.33.11.png

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Yes, it should have been under the project section. Maybe it should be scrollable. If it's not, please go to the project and verify that it is using that feature or that it uses any other reduced feature list that doesn't include "CompFreq". My main guess, you are using a model without that feature, so the app does not request it.

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My model has been built using 80 features but only 20 of them are displayed in the What-If application. Am I missing something ?

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The application limits the number of features shown by default when you try to make a prediction on a single record. In order to make all the features accessible, you will need to configure your application. In order to do so, please follow the steps outlined below:
  1. Click on Build on the top right of your application.
  2. When you are in Build mode, navigate to the [Prediction Details] page using the Editing Page dropdown on the top right of your application.
  3. Click on the Add New Row widget. A panel should pop up on the left.
  4. In the left panel, click on Manage. A modal should populate with a list of features to select to include in the widget.
  5. Add all features. Click Save.
  6. Click on the Publish button on the top right of your application.
  7. Click on Go To App on the top right of your application.
Make a prediction!

Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 18.30.55.png



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