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What is the command function for Rulefit coefficients?

What is the command function for Rulefit coefficients?

Hi, I am running the models in DataBricks through DataRobot API.  I am interested in calling within the Python Databricks platform for the coefficients shown on this page (screenshot below.)  I understand an "Export" button on the lower right of the DataRobot page of the "coefficient tab" for an Excel download. 


But, I am interested in directly calling for the RuleFit Classifier coefficients,  consisting of a combination of features shown below.


Is there a command function for doing so? 

Say, this is my model:  model = dr.Model.get(project=project_id, model_id=model_id)




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Data Scientist
Data Scientist

Hi there, please try model.get_parameters()

The caveat is that if the blueprint uses some preprocessing like ridit transform, the function may not return the coefficients.

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