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Zip / Compressed Folder Encoding

Zip / Compressed Folder Encoding


I am currently attempting to import data from a zip/compressed file that is transferred to us from a vendor through an SFTP site.  When I download the zip and extract the file, it is a CSV file and utilizes UTF-8 encoding which will import as expected.  When I connect to the zip/compressed folder, the data is imported in an encoding that results in symbols being imported.  There are so many different types of encoding to choose from, does anyone know the most common forms that I could try to facilitate the proper import of the data directly from the zip folder?

Thank you in advance for your help.


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How large is your zip/csv?  Are some fields ok while others have funky characters?  A screenshot would be helpful; what might be of particular interest is if you even locate the same row, eg. customer record 1234 has a value as expected in the csv upload, but a project initiated with the zip has a value with strange characters in it.

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