Community Leaderboard Shoutouts for November

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Kudos and many thanks to the members who keep the community hopping and helpful, by posting questions, helping out other members, and engaging in discussions. You can read more about their discussions and posts in the newsletter. Here are November’s busiest members.

Top Replies and Topics Authored

These members have provided the most help for other members' questions and joined the most discussions, and they most consistently looked to their community of peers for fast, easy help. 

@Bruce Linda_0-1638449344487.png


@IraWatt  Linda_1-1638449344495.png


@so Linda_3-1638450614228.png


Top Kudoed Content

These members have been posting high quality questions, answers, and comments, as shown by all the "likes."

@IraWatt  Linda_1-1638449344495.png


@Bruce Linda_0-1638449344487.png


@Jenny Linda_2-1638450491048.png


You can find out more about this top members in their introduction posts. Maybe you'll be at the top of the Leaderboard next month!

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