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What is everyone's favorite AI/ML blogs?

What is everyone's favorite AI/ML blogs?

My personal favorites are:

    • Extremely high quality, visual based articles exploring advanced machine learning / stats concepts (e.g. Gaussian processes). They even offer a $10k USD prize for the best article of the year
    • Jay is Udacity instructor, and creates extremely detailed and visual explanations of deep learning concepts. His articles on BERT, ELMO, and other NLP deep learning approaches are the best I've seen
    • Not really a "blog", but like every sub-reddit a crowd sourced collection of trending articles, etc. Great place to survey the literature and get a sense of "does this paper actually matter" from the community

I'm sure there a ton of great sources I'm missing though and would love to hear thoughts from the community!

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Also was pointed to this site via the FastAI courses, really cool visualizations. In particular the image kernels interactive visualization is the best way to present convolutions I've seen!

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I like this site:

I also like the newsletter that is sent out by:



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Kdnuggests has good articles on AI/ML as well:



I highly recommend signing up for NYU's data science newsletter. It covers major data science news and research from industry and academia, links to blogs and papers, and lists upcoming data science events and conferences. I've found it to be a great resource for staying up to date on what's going on in the field.

One I'd forgotten about:

I finely groked Gaussian Processes with their in depth explanation. 




Hi all,

For general items and getting common understanding , I used:


Carlos Acosta

I personally follow and like the following blogs:




These sites are well known for their research oriented topics which will provide deep insights on AI,ML and Data Science.

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Analytics Vidhya .is a good one too, like a clone of 

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DataRobot Employee

Not blog per say but find this helpful more on AI/ML business impacts/news front

Their AI Newsletter is also alright for a daily skim 

"Our weekday AI newsletter provides news and insight into business opportunities and challenges companies face when implementing machine learning, deep learning and other advanced technologies."

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