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Object Detection using Vision AI

Object Detection using Vision AI

Hello, I'm looking to perform an object detection model.  I've used custom vision from microsoft where you drop images in the bucket and then draw a square around the object you want identifies.  Then i exported the files to a tensorflow.js file where the camera of a device such as a phone identifies the image by just scanning the object.  Does dataRobot have this feature?

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Thank you for the reply.  I'll look at the tutorials and see if I can use my applications as classification vs object detection.


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Appreciate the question on Visual AI

Our general recommendation is for people to just organize their photos into different groups or folders and then load them into DataRobot.   Objection detection is powerful, but often takes a lot more work to label images.  At this point, we are only supporting image classification with Visual AI.

We have a bunch of info on Visual AI including:

Visual AI: Classify Bell Pepper Leaves

Visual AI (learning session)

Using our Python API with Visual AI

Let me know if that works (there is also more on Visual AI within our DataRobot University)