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Exporting a dataset from DataRobot

Exporting a dataset from DataRobot


I uploaded a dataset into DataRobot to run a few models. DataRobot added a few extra features as well.

Is there a way to export from DataRobot the full dataset into a file (Excel or text file)? I cannot find a way to do that.


Thank you,


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DataRobot Alumni

Hi @Chris - You should be able to do this from the Feature Lists tab, as shown in the image below:


Selecting Export will save the features (including automatically derived features) to a CSV file.

Let us know if this doesn't work for you or isn't what you were looking to do. 


Thanks Linda. I tried:

             Data / Feature Lists / Export

but it gave me a list of the feature names (not the actual values of these features). Is there a way to export the feature names with their values as well?



Hi Chris,

You can download the feature derivation log under Data tab which contains the time series project configuration as well as the list of all the derived feature names. At the moment you can't extract the augmented dataset with the actual value of each of the derived feature.