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How do I edit a blueprint?

How do I edit a blueprint?

Hi all,


I trained a model and used it to predict results.  But now I would like to modify the blueprint to use a different imputing algorithm.  I found this article on modifying blueprints, but when I go to Leaderboard >> Describe >> Blueprint, I do not see the Copy and Edit button that the article mentions.  Where should I be looking to find that button?





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DataRobot Alumni

Hi @Denny ,

Thank you for raising this question.


Seems like you are using an account created in DataRobot AI Cloud Platform Trial, while the function you are referring to is only available as a part of the Enterprise license.


I recommend navigating this article on Getting Started in the AI Cloud Platform Trial to learn more about the capabilities of Enterprise plan vs. Trial.


Is there anything else I can help you with?

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