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How do I handle a run time error using batch predict API?

How do I handle a run time error using batch predict API?

When I executed single python file called batch predict API below, it worked.

But the RuntimeError occurred, when I executed multiple python file at the same time.

How should I handle it?


>>python code

job = dr.BatchPredictionJob.score_to_file(

Batch prediction API


raise RuntimeError(
RuntimeError: Timed out waiting for download to become available for job ID 6184axxxxxxxxxx. Other jobs may be occupying the queue. Consider raising the timeout.


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Hi @Jenny,

The API Docs mentions a 'download_timeout' and 'download_read_timeout' parameter for the BatchPredictionJob function, try both parameters to a higher value (default is 660)

All the best,


Hi @IraWatt ,


Thanks for your response!

I tried it in the way you said.

It's not occurred both program I ran, but one was stopped execution.

And after the set time has passed, It's not ended execution.
It seems like waiting status.

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Hi @Jenny - I'm just following up on your question here. Looks like @IraWatt 's answer helped, but also not sure that you're still looking for more help. Can you let us know if you're still stuck on this? 

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