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How to get odds ratio for Logistic model

How to get odds ratio for Logistic model

I am using a Logistic regression model for my data.

I can get the feature importance & standardized coefficients in the platform. 

However, i find that using odds ratio is more useful when communicating the results, is there a way to get the odds ratio for each attribute?

In the absence of odds ration, how do we meaningfully communicate the results?

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Hi @vishal.r.narlawar,

I have had a look through the DataRobot Docs and I can't find any reference to odds ratio. However, you can export the feature coefficients which can then be used to calculate odds ratios. 


All the best,



Hey @vishal.r.narlawar!


For binary classification problems, the coefficients for linear models are displayed in link space, as logit (or "logodds") coefficients. Once the coefficient CSV is exported, you can convert the coefficients to odds ratios by exponentiating them. For example, in Excel that would be =exp(<coef>).