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I want to manually label data points of an image dataset

I want to manually label data points of an image dataset

I would like to know that how to manually label a data point or put it in different taxonomy so that I can tell the system to predict as per my labeling, specifically for an image dataset? 


How and where I can do that? Kindly assist on the same.


Thank you

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I am waiting for a reply from your forum

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DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Hi @subhadip ,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the DataRobot Community!


Sounds like you're interested in using the Visual AI capability of the platform.


While we do not have a way to manually create labels of image data points in the platform, allow me to suggest an alternative approach (where I begin to describe how to get started with setting up a Visual AI project):


  • Take a look at this post Visual AI: Classify Bell Pepper Leaves. The post describes a Visual AI project to predict whether an image contains a healthy/unhealthy bell pepper leaf.
  • In the "Submit Data" section, notice that all you need is a ZIP file dataset. In this ZIP file are 2 requirements:
    • Folder(s) containing images, where the Folder name is the "target class label"
    • CSV file with 2 columns: class, image
      • "class" column has the "target class labels"
      • "image" column has the "folder filepath" for the specific image file

Therefore, you have control over the labels for the images by setting up the N image folders and CSV file for the ZIP file dataset.


Hope this answers your question.