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Java Scoring Code Call from Python

Java Scoring Code Call from Python

Dear DataRobot,


I am trying to make a prediction with scoring code with this:

# Install the package from PyPI:
# pip install datarobot-predict

from datarobot_predict.scoring_code import ScoringCodeModel

model = ScoringCodeModel("6630ac05b6becefec9870200-66309f8060fa5a048d67c235-agent-10.0.6.jar")

result = model.predict(datasetFromPath)

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 5.37.34 PM.png

And this is the Py4JError error code received:

1st part of the Py4JError1st part of the Py4JError


last part of Py4JErrorlast part of Py4JError


Pls advise, tks.

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DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee



This error is because of a bug in the py4j package that triggers in some cases on Windows.

Could you please try the following steps to work around the issue:

1. Download the py4j source package from

2. Extract the file named /py4j-

3. Move it to the path C:\share\py4j\py4j0.10.9.7.jar

If you have installed a different py4j version than, use that version instead.


This should allow py4j to find the jar file that it needs.


Best Regards,


Software Engineer, Scoring Code