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number of explanations

number of explanations

Recently and rather centrally to my current task - I asked Data Robot for "explanations" which is information about which features where important regarding a prediction. But, what I see in the file is only one feature for each explained prediction. On the other hand it is listed as "Explanation 1 Feature" which suggests that there could be more. 


Can I ask for more?


How/when do we get "Explanation 2 Feature"?

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Actually, I think I found it, except that it bothers me that it is "max" and I wonder that the criteria for inclusion is. Also, according to the documentation the default is 3, but I also see 1. I will check that the legacy code does not somehow lose that. Yes - the default had been set through the web interface so since I did not specify the max_explanations in the call, it defaulted to 1.