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Time Feature Preprocessing

Time Feature Preprocessing


I'm trying to recreate the formula from my Eureqa model (shown below). I'm not sure how the model is able to minus/times the time variables 'GAME_CLOCK'. How does DataRobot convert time variables to perform numeric calculations on them?  

Here is my models blueprints (neither Numeric nor categorical transformations mention time):


Eureqa Formula:


GAME_CLOCK feature:


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Look at the format of your date time. DR may be reading your date inputs as numeric

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I agree It most likely is a converts the time format to a number. Though its not clear how, unless I did the maths wrong nether converting to seconds or milliseconds gets you near predicted result using the formula.    

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Linear Actuator

@IraWatt I had a question about a term preceded by "-*". Do you know what that notation means?

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