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Time-Series Feature Selection in R Error

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Time-Series Feature Selection in R Error

Does anyone have experience with using the notebook from Advanced Feature Selection with R | DataRobot Community?


Two issues I am having with it:


1. The ListModels function is throwing an error, the traceback is below.

2. I am expecting to run into problems modifying it to work with Time Series projects. So if anybody has advice with feature selection for TS models I would appreciate it.



Error in curl::curl_fetch_memory(url, handle = handle) : Protocol "" not supported or disabled in libcurl
curl::curl_fetch_memory(url, handle = handle)
request_fetch.write_memory(req$output, req$url, handle)
request_fetch(req$output, req$url, handle)
request_perform(req, hu$handle$handle)
(function (url = NULL, config = list(), ..., handle = NULL) { hu <- handle_url(handle, url, ...) req <- request_build("GET", hu$url, as.request(config), ...) ...
4., args)
MakeDataRobotRequest(httr::GET, routeString, addUrl = addUrl, returnRawResponse = returnRawResponse, ...)
DataRobotGET(routeString, simplify = FALSE, query = params)

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My bad, I read your or as an and.


I have tried both types of projects, none worked, all with the same error/traceback. Thanks for taking a look at this I appreciate it!

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You're welcome! Thanks for your patience as we continue to work on this.


Can you confirm if the functionality at is working for you? This isn't about `ListModels()` exactly but I want to diagnose if there are multiple issues for you and your Time Series projects or if we should just isolate on `ListModels()`.

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So I ran from the vignette:


data <- read.csv(system.file("extdata", "multiseries.csv", package = "datarobot"))
partition <- CreateDatetimePartitionSpecification(datetimePartitionColumn = "timestamp",
useTimeSeries = TRUE,
multiseriesIdColumns = "series_id")
project <- StartProject(data,
projectName = "test-TimeSeries",
target = "target",
partition = partition,
metric = "RMSE",
mode = AutopilotMode$Manual,
targetType = "Regression")


which threw


Project test-TimeSeries creation requested, awaiting creation
No encoding supplied: defaulting to UTF-8.
Error in if (grepl("//$", url) || grepl("\\s", url) || !grepl("/", url)) { :
missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed


The data file had some strange corruption.




But I adjusted the script to work with the data used in the TS project I am working on (via local import) and it gave the same error.


Hi @GR - are you still struggling with this?

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I managed to get the python script working (from the original article). Still cannot get the R function 'ListModels" to work.

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