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Where to find the results for the performance measures?

Where to find the results for the performance measures?

I am new to the DataRobot platform and playing with it. I have developed the ML model but I cannot see the accuracy, precision, recall, F1-score, etc for the model. Where is the option to see them? Thank you!

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Hi @FaqeerRehman.. On the leaderboard, if you select any model, and choose "Evaluate" > "ROC Curve", you will find everything you need there, below the confusion matrix.

Hi @DanLozie , Thank you. 

Actually, those options (e.g., ROC curve, accuracy over space etc.) are disabled if I select any of the models in the leaderboard. Just wondering, it might be because I am using a trial version? I am more interested to see the results for the performance measures in %ages.


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Hi @FaqeerRehman - Are you building models for a binary classification target? if not, that may be why you can't see some of these evaluation tools. See the note below this table. Is that the case?

@FaqeerRehman I hope you were able to solve your issue with the metrics. You should be able to see your requested metrics if you had a categorical target. Perhaps you would like to take one of our foundation classes like the Automated Machine Learning I or the DataRobot for Data Scientists linked below:


to help you get a better understanding of the app.