Eureqa Introduction video

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Community Team
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Quick tour of Eureqa models within DataRobot and their origin and purpose, and explanation of how to build a project within DataRobot that utilizes these models.

Video last updated: March 2020 (Release 6.0.0)

More information

  • See the Introduction to Eureqa article.
  • If you’re a licensed DataRobot customer, search the in-app Platform Documentation for Eureqa advanced tuning.
DataRobot Release 7.1 has Arrived!
Have a look at all the new features and enhancements in this release. Also, Richard (Senior Director of Product Marketing) will be hosting the DataRobot Release 7.1 webinar—make sure join that to hear all the details and ask your questions.

DataRobot + Zepl
The acquisition of Zepl and integration of its self-service data science notebook solution provides additional flexibility for data scientists who prefer to code. Jason's blog post provides an end-to-end DataRobot demo that uses Zepl notebooks. You can check out Zepl today.

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