Using Small Datasets to Build Models

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Community Team
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(Part of a model building learning session series.)

As the global coronavirus pandemic is causing major disruptions to communities and the economy, many existing data science models struggle to adapt to these shifts due to a shortage of available data.

Join our learning session "Using Small Datasets to Build Models" hosted by Dave Heinicke and Rajiv Shah (both Customer Facing Data Scientists) to learn more about:

  • Strategies to build a "cold start" model.
  • Checks to ensure you have meaningful, consistent signal from limited examples.
  • Diving deeper into model insights to verify meaningful model fit.


  • Dave Heinicke (DataRobot, Customer Facing Data Scientist)
  • Rajiv Shah (DataRobot, Customer Facing Data Scientist)
  • Jack Jablonski (DataRobot, AI Success)


Also, if you have comments or questions that weren't answered in the learning session, click Comment (below) and post them now, or send email to We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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I found this learning session very useful.  Thank you all.  To save time, could you transcribe the Q & A section to a PDF format and include in this post.  It would be easier to search on and look up your tips in the future.  

Community Team
Community Team

Hi jcorbett - Absolutely! We've started doing that and will make sure to provide the Q & A for this session for sure. Thanks for your feedback!

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