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Don’t let your favorite custom models go to waste!

DataRobot Alumni

Don’t let your favorite custom models go to waste!

Did you know that you can upload, store, use, and run tests on your own custom model in DataRobot? It’s easy! Look no further than the Model Registry.

  1. Create your model package:
    1. Pickle (or otherwise package) your model
    2. Create your dependencies Requirements
    3. Create file (if needed, you can get help to create that file)
  2. From the Model Registry tab, upload your model package to DataRobot. Linda_1-1628116202914.png

Once deployed to a prediction server managed by DataRobot, you can make predictions via the API and monitor your deployment with a suite of capabilities.

I hope you find this tip helpful. I’m working on other tips that I think will help everyone. Please share your tip ideas with me, @Megan, and keep checking back for more tips.

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