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Pro Search Tips for Community

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Pro Search Tips for Community

It’s great if you know exactly what you’re looking for and where to find it, right? For example, if you know you want to have a look at the November newsletter and that it was posted in the Community News, then you go right there and you’re all set (here it is, by the way). However, because real-life searches aren’t quite that simple, we thought a quick tip might be helpful!

The search bar is pretty easy to find:


But, did you know there are different ways to filter and refine your searches to look through specific community boards and places (and even users), and find exactly what you want? Here’s where we kick off our tips.


Enclose the search strings in "quotes"

Most members start the search for specific posts and content by entering related text strings in the search bar (1). By default, this will search the full community and return all content containing any of the terms you enter. So, if you type "data connection," the search results will show all posts containing the terms “data” and/or “connection.” If you want to find only those posts containing an exact string, enclose that string in quotation marks; in this example, you would enter “data connection.”

Find other users

If you want to search beyond the content, from the dropdown select the type of search you want to perform (2). For example, if you want to find activity for a specific user, enter the username and click Users.

Find more with advanced search tool

Not good enough? Want to use more advanced search tools? You can leave the search box empty and click the magnifying glass (3). The Search page with advanced tools displays.


Type the term or string, and click the link for where you want to search: posts (content), users, private messages, or descriptions of community places (1). For example, you can find all usernames containing the string “linda,” all posts containing the terms “data” or “data connection,” all private messages containing “your question was answered,” and so forth. 

If searching in posts, you can use additional filters (2) to refine where and how you want to search. For example, you can find posts from a month ago (3) that contain the search terms.

Also, you can apply multiple filters to your searches. The following shows a search in the Platform forum for posts within the previous year that contain the exact string “data connection.” 


Hope this helps!  You can find a few more helpful search details in this community resources post.

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