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Adding Custom Environment For DE & DS

Adding Custom Environment For DE & DS

Hi Team,


I am looking at the documentation from a couple of days and would like to know how can we build the environment outside and imported into the datarobot for execution.


There is heavy data engineering work which can not be done through pxata and would like to use custom data engineering tasks and once that is done, there will be additional data science code which needs to be written.


Is there a way we can do that ?

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DataRobot Alumni

Hi Ankit! It sounds like you might be able to achieve this via Composable ML, which allows you to add custom tasks containing your own code into a DataRobot blueprint. 

If you do want to build your own environment containing all your DE and DS code (i.e. you have a pretrained model that you wish to deploy using DataRobot), you can do so with a custom inference model.

Do either of those options help address your need?

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