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load error message

load error message



I got this error message, when I load my project.

How can I fix it?



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Hi! I'm going to ask a few questions first, to see if I can help. Are you working with a time series project? Are you working in our managed cloud, on-prem, or in a virtual private cloud? If you're not in our managed cloud, what version are you on?

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For AutoML projects, we have a bootstrapping approach that can be applied either in Python or in R. Please let me know if you're an R user and I can send over an R doc.

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Hello, Cynthia.

We installed DR on Oracle cloud environment.

What is bootstrapping approach?

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I am so sorry! I responded to the wrong Community message. The bootstrapping approach has nothing to do with your error message.

Back to your question, shared time series projects relying on locally uploaded calendars may generate this error message for the user with whom the project is being shared. In DataRobot SaaS/managed cloud, this has been fixed, but in some VPC and on-prem installations, this error message may still occur. 

Does this describe your situation - are you the recipient of a shared time series project that includes a calendar?

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