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Sharing Deployment with Job Definitions

Sharing Deployment with Job Definitions



How can one share a deployment together with job definitions?


As far as I understand, there is no functionality to share a job definition exactly as defined by a user because it may contain connection credentials.


However, I wonder if there is a way to share (or automatically copy) the job definition without credentials.


The goal here is to avoid typos and other mistakes if we manually re-create job definitions for multiple user who share the deployment. An ideal scenario would be an ability to share job definitions without credentials so that the only thing a user has to do for each job definition is to enter credentials without touching anything else (e.g. input SQL queries or prediction destination tables).


Any thoughts are much appreciated.



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DataRobot Alumni

Are you comfortable with code?  

There are currently code-based approaches to sharing job definitions between users.

Sounds good! Could you please point to any examples? (or maybe just a relevant section in the documentation)

Let's start with the Python documentation, and if that's not quite enough, I can cook up some examples and share those with you.

Here's a link to our batch job definition script in Python

And here's a link to how to create a credential_id (also in Python), which would be the one part left blank in that script when shared among team mates:


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Update! Your success team is going to follow up with some additional information that may streamline this process for you, so you may want to hold off on setting up a code-based approach until you hear from them. 

Thank you for taking the time to look into that!

Hi Cynthia, I think I need some extra help. I see how one can create a definition using create()  method and supplying a dictionary (or .json) with the parameters. What about extracting that dictionary from an existing definition. Basically, I need to see the definition's specs.

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Try this in the Python API, substituting your own job definition id:

job_def = dr.BatchPredictionJobDefinition.get("629bc497fdfbf5cddd3b1da9")

That returned:

{'num_concurrent': __,
 'deployment_id': '__',
 'passthrough_columns_set': '__',
 'intake_settings': {'__': '__',
  '__': '__'},
 'output_settings': {'__': '__',
  '__': '__',
  '__': '__',
  '__': '__'},
 'chunk_size': '__',
 'csv_settings': {'__': '__', '__': '__', '__': '__'},
 'include_probabilities_classes': [__],
 'redacted_fields': [__]}