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string data is read as numeric from CSV

string data is read as numeric from CSV

Hello All


I have a dataset which consists of identifier features to create relation. But when I upload the data in AI Catalog the text data is converted to string even though the CSV has quotes around string




"0423143314" is converted to 423143314


have the same problem in excel file also. 


Using pandas to create the export of CSV and excel


df.to_csv("Data\model_data_sw_12.csv", index=False, quotechar='"', quoting=csv.QUOTE_NONNUMERIC)


please provide a solution for this.

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Hi Lokesh!

You might have faced rare drawback of automated type parsing. 
But solution might be pretty simple - just put some non-numeric sign in front of your ID, for example #0423143314 will prevent from converting to numeric and will be easy enough to parse back.